A Day in Md. Ziaul Haque’s Life

A Day in Md. Ziaul Haque’s Life

Name: Md. Ziaul Haque

Country: Bangladesh

Grade (Age): G15 (Ages 20-25)

Class Size: Medium Class


My name is Md. Ziaul Haque. I live in Chattogram [previously called Chittagong], Bangladesh. I am an Assistant Professor of English at University of Creative Technology, Chittagong. I teach the students who are pursuing B.A Hon’s in English. My students are in grades 15, and are generally 20-25 years old. I also used to teach teenagers at an English medium college before joining at the university.


I do several things on a usual day. First, I get up at 7:00 am. Afterwards I take a shower and have breakfast. I arrive at my university at nearly 8:30 am. The classes begin at 9:45, but I prefer to reach in time in order to take preparation for my class. At the start, I wish my students ‘good morning’. Then I take their attendance. After that I use my textbook and teach the lesson. I eat lunch at the office as I have a habit of taking my meal with me from home to the office. Usually I return home at 4pm and take some rest. I ever attempt to make best use of the talking time of the students; I give them opportunities to put their opinions and notions forward during the class. I have my dinner at 10:30 pm. I watch TV at approximately 11:00; I read books and stuffs that I will be discussing in the next class at the university on the next day. Normally, I go to bed at 12:00 pm.


I guess that my classroom is worthy for the students since it has all the facilities available including the dais, computer, air conditioning system, smart board, projector, whiteboard and so on. Sometimes, the students and I watch movies in the classroom that are related to the textbooks. However, sometimes for having an active group work, the desks need to be rearranged.


I frequently use my sense of humor get the attention of the students. Whenever I need anything for the class such as speaker or something, the university generously manages them for me. Nonetheless, my constant endeavor is to make my class interesting, lively and pleasing.

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