Mysterious 3:16

General sɯǝod

Today I have observed this very closely-
Got no true solution, left it as mystery!
It happened both in day and night time,
This matter came into my life as sublime!
It may be simple, happened as miracle,
May be nothing! But I need to tackle!
Last few days I see a particular moment,
I see a time naturally but I can’t prevent!
3:16 am or pm, I observed it happened,
I got this matter today; whom to depend?
In the holy book there is a verse we read,
While engraving anyone by the soil bead!
I have a copy of the holy book that I recite,
The verse belongs to page 316 of that inside!
Is this a miracle or a warning from my lord?
I am worried, if I missed to depict the word!
My lord! If my time is finished please forgive,
All my sins! Please make me able to perceive!
Don’t take me away when I’m not at all ready,
Let me prepare my room having floor muddy!
I still do not know whether it is a warning,
I’ve to do some work, those are still remaining!
God! You are the only one, who is the justice,
No one is your parallel in anything or prestige!
If you do not forgive me, where will I go?
Is there any other God? The answer is ‘No’.
You are merciful over your anger or rage,
I have done so bad things up to this age!
You have the authority to give us penalty,
You are the only one to save us from cruelty!
I apologize to you lord for all the sins I commit,
You are the only one! None is there to submit!
Lord! For the sake or your bountiful love, please
Save me from your anger, and give me peace!
I made a lot of wrong but you are the one,
Who is the only friend, when there was none!
Please spread your wings of blessing upon me,
Then you order my soul to set my body free!
My lord! I am the sinner with numerous faults,
You’re the supreme power! Only you can exalt!
Hide my sins! Please don’t give me shame,
I can’t answer you lord if you give me blame!
When I’ll leave this world let me utter your name,
You protect me my lord! Only you hold the fame!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

3rd March 2009 (it's true)

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Sitting alone! With my pen and the diary-

Trying to write something but need to tarry!

Thinking so deep; what I am going to write?

My sorrows? Every moment burning inside?

Two years gone by! Thought seems like yesterday,

Everything I can remember like the screen play!

It put me in agony and threw me in the suffering,

My heart is drowned under pain and it’s now shivering!

Two years ago got a phone call, a voice said, “Hello!”

I jumped from bed as I was leaning on my pillow!

The voice said, “Hey! Howdy? I am gonna come!

Tomorrow afternoon to visit you! Specially my mom!

Don’t tell her now! I wanna give her a surprise,

I want to see the joy and love for me in her eyes!”


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General sɯǝod

Who are you the man behind the picture?
Why are you laughing without gesture?
Whenever I look at you remain the same,
How did you confine yourself in the frame?
Don’t you feel bore looking in the same style?
But you seem so happy resembled by smile!
You like to be there because you’ll never be old?
What will you say? That story that’s still untold?
Smiling in the portrait, you are looking at me,
Can’t hear your voice except photo that I see!
Who will tell those stories of your life time;
Which has finished as the sound of wind-chime!
I am still here! Come and tell me what to say,
I am waiting for your reply even in night or day!
I saw you in my dream but you were very busy,
I was standing behind you! The picture isn’t hazy!
For a few second you came and then went away,
Still I’m waiting that you’ll come along this way!
You came once but why you didn’t say me anything?
I was waiting; for me something you’ll surely bring!
I am not wrong! You brought me so many memories,
Some passion! Some love! And some more worries!
Every time when I see your portrait you just smile,
Can’t you talk to me! Just only for a short while?
Long time I could not contact with you, I’m sorry!
I was a fool! How could I know that I need to tarry!
After a long time! I found you in this old picture,
No chance is there! I will see you in near future!
I have a very little request, I am saying it straight,
Please don’t be silent! Don’t remain in the portrait!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

27th February & 2nd March 2009 (Written for the man in Picture... my most venerable Shobuj vai)

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Send Love ♥

General sɯǝod

I know you have already forgot us,
But we didn't cause we can surpass!
Who can evaluate the value of friendship?
When we are in happyness of hardship?
Very short life we have got in this world,
Lot more things to do and a few words!
Life without friends is barren like a desert!
It holds no meaning or even no art!
Today is a special day my dear friend!
Please take our loves that we have send!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

2nd March 2009

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To Shaymol (I’m here)

sɹǝʇʇǝl ǝpo


Out of sight

Out of mind,

I am here

You won’t find!

Try to look

You will see,

Before the time

Soul’ll be free!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

1st March 2009

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Sonnet-34 (Friend's Goodbye)

sʇǝuuos ʎɯ

Don’t say goodbye my friend-

You know how much I miss you!

In out life the moments we spend,

It’s so simple like a tiny drop of dew!

Don’t leave me making me alone,

Try to understand my feelings dear-

Without you my life will groan,

Can’t you realize how I will bear?

Friend! Please don’t be selfish,

Just for a while turn back to me-

Part of the dream that you cherish,

Is mine! That can’t you really see?

Instead of saying the word goodbye,

Who not telling me, you better die?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

27th February 2009 (Rhyme Scheme-'ababcdcd efefgg')

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Memories of Brother (With ShaymoL incomplete)

I close up my eyes and trying to visualize you

Yes, I can see you now, you are looking new!

One Sunday morning you came to our home-

Always as usual, smiling, you just came alone!

You’re calling me ‘Bollash’ nick name given by you

‘Bollash’! The nick, none can say sweeter than you!

I turned back to you with an annoying face-

But I didn’t realize the hidden thing! That’s your bless!

You burst up with a smiling face and said it’s ok dear!

From the next time, your name, I will call with care!

You requested me to give you something but I denied,

I denied you without any answering I was a blind!

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Sonnet-33 (Bangla)

sʇǝuuos ʎɯ

Tribute to the language,

Tribute to the country,

Whatever may be the age-

For you, we felt sultry!

You were our very being,

Hidden in our heart,

For you we all sing-

Come! Don’t go apart!

Bangla! We’re proud of you

Our sweet mother tongue,

Every moment you're new

Even at a distance so long!

Without you we are just dead,

Upon our head you’re a shade!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

27th February 2009 (Rhyme Scheme-'ababcdcd efefgg')

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Waiting for Rain (With ShaymoL)

General sɯǝod

The sky is becoming ebony-
Leaves are making symphony!
My mind is becoming jolly,
And I will not take brolly!
The cowboys are in hurry-
And rally they can not tarry!
The housewife is rushing,
Towards home! She’s going!
Everyone is taking perpetration,
Enjoying the rainy day situation.
But none knows about the estimation,
Will the rain cause any devastation?
Some faces seems beaming,
Cause they enjoy rain rhyming!  
And some others screaming,
They don’t like to see raining!
Rain, Rainfall, Rainwater! We need you badly,
You are a part of lives! And a part of sanctity!
Washout all the grieves from our mind entirely,
To give us a lovely touch of peace so politely!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

26th February 2009 (odd numbered lines are written by Shaikhul Islam Chowdhury Shaymol)

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