Mirror (remix)

I'm staring at you & what do I see ?

A innocent niqqa that looks carefree ;

Deeper emotions are resting inside ;

No need to tell me ; I see it in ur eyes :

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------& i keep looking cuz u type familia but this can't really be ;

I'm staring at chu but yet I see nobody ;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------& yea ur type quiet ; it's probably cause ur shy ;

Or maybe u jus dnt give a fuck about replys ;

cuz yea I kno .. I can see that your tired ;

Tired of the truths & jus tired of the lies ;

u hated on this life but at the same time it made u wise ;

it made u see death but from the ground it made u rise ;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------im staring at u & what do I see ;

Im staring at chu wait..I'm staring at me ?

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------& when u smile u jus seem so happy .. But yea ikno u jus try to really hide ;

cuz within lies the pain mixed in with the pride ;

but the thought of this doesnt even bother ;

cuz right under pain there's lesson that I've learn to divide ;

& I've been looking at u & yet i've never seen u cry ;

From an early age u learned to endure the struggles, & that pain that now satisfys ;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------so when i look at you what do i see?

behind your eyes i see the pain that bleeds thicker then the red sea

i see a niqqa fighting ; contantly swimming ina dead sea ;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Yea a good person the way u help others on decision ;

& it jus amazes me cuz looking at ur life this outcome I would of never envisioned ;

but some how so much bad just made a niqqa strong ;

& at the end that good is right where it belongs ;

but I still remember the past ;

to remember the pain ;

cuz to remember the pain is to keep the knowledge retained ;

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Im looking at the mirror & what do I see ?

A niqqa that sometimes wants to escape reality ;

who doesn't want to feel deprived but rather feel alive ;

a niqqa who wants to live but yet is forced & continued to only just survive . .

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was inpired by lil wayne song mirror ft bruno mars ; although mines is a bit longer and more poetic :) ; and i kinda get emotional while i wrote this but yea .. any comments would be apreaciated.

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