His Eyes Are Blue


Sirens wail a silent screen,
And I don’t know where the hell I’ve gone.
His eyes are blue with a loaded gun
And why he smiles as he watches me die.
I’M DYING! I think I’ve passed away.

I’ll cry and cry, but never sleep
Like waterfalls and oceans. And a breeze
Escapes his lips. His words are sweet
Like daggers, blades, but I’ll never bleed
He sees the scars and smiles at me
Cause his eyes are blue.

Clouds in the sky, they stretch and thin
The stars are white, stitched into lines
Made of cotton, pain, and autumn leaves
Like those straight from Jesus Christ
His eyes are blue with a loaded gun
But he doesn’t judge, he loves, watching
My life fall away from me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/30/2011

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