road to recovering

What is the feeling of Emptiness.

They see right threw you,

they might not see the pain,

the words of truth soak through,

but refreshing like standing in the rain.


Any little insult feels like a bullet,

get the pliars and what you do? Pull it.

Careful what you say, the words,

can make me worse or burst.


You don't feel the way I do,

It's like being in a bathtub of ice,

your passion disappears into thin mist,

but you can't get it back, even with your fist.


Relying on others to lift my mood,

I sorta stopped living to be "stronger",

getting weaker by the day and being rude,

I'm messed up inside and don't understand whats wrong.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm on the road to recovery.

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Proud ties. (#1 sin Pride)

Police the state
Then my mind
Have fun wasting your time

Years in this head
But still no lead
Fight to move on

The sheppard has died
Burdening us with his pride
Drugs fill the whole left behind

Above looking, especially inside
Better off blind
Honest emotions left to guide
After all loves not trying to hide?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yeah I think I like the original version of this without my changes thought up at 5 in the morning but ill deal with this at a later time