Prime Minister Sir the new poles are in
Your five points behind the opposition
Dam it Foreign Secretary, I wont stand for this
What will you do to rectify this situation?

Well I have been thinking that we need another War
To take the publics mind of the economy
Il throw a dart at the globe and see were it hits
Lets hope it doesn’t hit Germany

Capital idea let me know where you hit
I must raise some taxes to pay for this
Make sure you aim is true
Or your career will be hit and miss

The minister took a sip of his Gin
Through his dart at the globe
Walked across the room
Who’s Country has been doomed?

Prime Minister Sir the darts found its target
Come have a look and see where it hit
As he looked at the globe with his face to explode

“Its in England you dozy great tit.”

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My cynical take on how it seems we can be taken to War by our leaders

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