not me

Beautiful Art


To mind comes

The image of a statue

Woman on a pedestal

Perfect and true


As I look upon her

I see what I believed

The sculpture must have seen

When this woman was conceived


Flawless body soft skin

Every angle and curve perfect

Permanently pristine in every way

And upon her I do reflect


She’s the woman of your dreams

Every mans desire

The gaze of her stony eyes

Sets the coldest heart to fire


Still she sits without a move

She’s not human, that’s plain to see

Yet she sits on the pedestal

It’s easy to believe it’s not me



Written on

May 22, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because at the time, Paul was seeming to seek perfection from me. Now I know otherwise but at the time I really did think so.

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I am falling deep within myself
because I am losing the man I love the most
The pain so deep
It's like a knife
I can't keep him near to save my life
Our love at first was so strong and real
I wonder if he knows just how I feel
I think that he thinks he's made a mistake
He's had all of me his life can take
My one true love is shutting me out
I'm dying inside there is no doubt
How much more can this heart take
For losing him is something I can't take.
For this man is the love of my life
He went as far as making me his wife
But just as soon as the fairy tale began to start
He's pushing me away
He is breaking my heart

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