my first poem


Promts I Completed

Fast paced words that recount our love in anger
And in that anger
I find the tiniest bit of melancholy to call my own
Since then stripped of an emotional state


To escape your feelings
As well as mine
Which you’ve seemed to help yourself to
I soar to the color of the sky
And the sound of crashing and ocean depths


Left in silence that takes away the anger
I hurl myself towards safety
Away from the cruel clutches of you


But as I sit
My caprice takes me
With such certainty I felt
That this ocean blue I felt I relate to
Has yet to sooth me

And with every time I run to my azure
From your displeasure
I have to come back
Such as the squawking gulls overhead
Must come back to land


With your sustenance
You sustain my being

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem doesn't really have much of a format.

And I guess it doesn't make much sense either.

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Unborn love

My little angel, you'll never know how much I love you
I would give my life to have you, even though I never met you
It breaks my heart not to be with you, but as long as I have faith ill always have you
Boy or girl, wouldn't of mattered, you would of been my world
I would of been so proud, would of shouted to the world
But don't worry baby, its not you fault daddy and mommy are crying
Your safe and sound, don't you frown
Kai,Skye,now you can fly, my little angel , so beautiful
Twinkle twinkle little star, daddy's here, im not far
Wish I could of held you, wish I could of seen those beautiful eyes you would of gotten from your mother
Watch you grow up, playing super hero's or barbies, whatever you were into, i would of played with you to
I pray for you baby, every night and day, just to make sure you can rest in a better place
Talking to your flower, could do it forever, just in hopes to hear you giggle, but i'll never get to
But hush now baby, you go to sleep, daddy will be here when you wake up, i love you though, i hope you know

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem i wrote from a personal experience..

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The Fall

I am merely here for the purpose I am created
A single goal I must achieve
And here I stand amused, amused yet I am sated
Amused, a muse my masters made of me

I carry forward to consume my masters clutter
Kill off the crop just to plant a seed
And here I spot a fool, “fool” you are I mutter
A fool, a fool you’ll always be

There forth the deed is done, my purpose shines in glory
Although, my glory gained hath deceived
And here I stand a pawn, a pawn to place a setting
A pawn, abused by my masters greed

I fail to close my eyes to the light that shines before me
Yet the very light that shines reins as my curse
And here I stand accused, accused I am, unholy
I stand accused, therefore accused are thee

Yet the day will come my master is a savior
I am a scum, and evil being
And here I am created, crated by my master
Created by a fool, a fool indeed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first real poem I put any thought into. Kept me up at night thinking about it. I hope people can enjoy this...

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