The Fall

I am merely here for the purpose I am created
A single goal I must achieve
And here I stand amused, amused yet I am sated
Amused, a muse my masters made of me

I carry forward to consume my masters clutter
Kill off the crop just to plant a seed
And here I spot a fool, “fool” you are I mutter
A fool, a fool you’ll always be

There forth the deed is done, my purpose shines in glory
Although, my glory gained hath deceived
And here I stand a pawn, a pawn to place a setting
A pawn, abused by my masters greed

I fail to close my eyes to the light that shines before me
Yet the very light that shines reins as my curse
And here I stand accused, accused I am, unholy
I stand accused, therefore accused are thee

Yet the day will come my master is a savior
I am a scum, and evil being
And here I am created, crated by my master
Created by a fool, a fool indeed

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first real poem I put any thought into. Kept me up at night thinking about it. I hope people can enjoy this...

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