losing hope

Climbing Inside Perfection

Falling whispers float like butterflies across cherished skin,
Curtains raise and fall in smooth, fluid motion.
In that moment I know you're still breathing my name,
Across oceans draped in stars,
Sky pours crescent sunsets into the Earth's horizon.

A shudder misplaced as the breeze,
Unknown spider fingerprints delicately sweeping across my naked skin,
Through the candlelit window a ghost nurses me to sleep,
A parallel distortion of one who feels dead inside.

A victim timid and shy,
Unaware of the sharpness of his fangs.
Laying naked upon the bed sheets,
Giving his body to the ghosts and the stars,
Turning butterfly wings into black rose petals,
Climbing inside perfection.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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