The Unconditional Mother

I am the Earth beneath your feet,
And the seed nestled betwixt them.
I am the rain to guide the seed to fruition,
And the sprout that bursts upon the meadow.
From sprout, to sapling, to bark, to birch,
I am every twig and leaf that falls to Earth.
You come with ax and now I'm timber,
To the mill and then ship builder.
I was the cotton in the field,
But now I am cloth for your sail.
I am the ocean you take to distant lands,
And the wind you catch within your sails.
I am the Earth, you are my leech,
But I am here for you, whenever you need.

The Voyage Eternal

Bright sparks, ideas, shining
Combining, kindling the fires of invention,
Soaring higher on wings created,
To the earth, no longer bound,
Bringing light, always moving,
To fill the void,
To cross all space,
Leaving behind blue skies everlasting.
Finding what is new,
Following the drive,
To seek the truth, hidden in lies,
Gazing upon stars, our eyes in wonder,
Forever burning, forges of gods,
And now for man, their energies serve,
Reshaping the universe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first poem.