dreams hope

Tiny pebbles


To live here, amongst the tiny pebbles, is simply a curse

I have heard of other lands and places

Of other people and other faces

I am sure their world is probably worse

I don’t know, I simply guess


In our world, amongst the tiny pebbles, we try

We all do what we can do

And yet the sea, never tires, never rests

We do all that we can

Yet, he just washes our work away

Leaving but memories of

Tiny pebbles and castles in the sand

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Navigating the Darkness

I examine others around me flourishing

Their lives blooming like a flower

I wander aimlessly through my own

Everything I touch wilts instantly

Each time I catastrophically halt my world

It becomes that much harder to bounce back

As I stand here today I have miles to make up

This nightmare is my reality unfortunately

All of which comes from my own hand

Blame can no longer be deflected to others

And I have to face the cold hard facts

I try to cling on to something positive in my life

But it's like I am swaying from a slippery ledge

As each day passes I lose a finger's grip

There was once a time when I held hope closely

But through the years optimism has moved beyond the horizon

I pray the Lord will fill me with vision and knowledge

While my life's flame flickers in the worlds gale force winds

The battle within me has spilled over into others lives

I pray if I search hard enough I can find a reason to change

And start a journey that I know to be terrifying

But ultimately ends on my own personal path of righteousness



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a piece I wrote to get some stuff off my chest

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” Nearly Lost”

It was the worst of times,
Under dark grey skies, I could honestly say,
With a mortgage so far behind,
Almost impossible to pay,

Over there, way across town,
In a big factory made of bricks,
I lost my job of 18 years,
A Friday afternoon folded pink slip,

The only love that I had in my life,
Took her clothes and the baby then walked,
She never bothered to look back,
A stream of voicemails, refusal to talk,

With a bottle of vodka and a handful of pills,
I drowned my sorrows thruout that day,
Then it became instantly clear,
How to make all this pain go away,

On the way to the closet something got my eye,
While praying for a reason to stop,
But to no avail the closet door opened,
Slowly caressing my 9 millimeter glock,

On the empty, cold, vacant livingroom floor,
I pondered as I had a few more drinks,
About leaving my little infant all alone,
And what my mother would think,

I slowly pulled back the cold metal slide,
And stuck the cold barrel right up under my chin,
I then began to apologize,
About to commit the ultimate of sins,

As I started to squeeze the trigger I froze,

Seeing a warm soft soothing light,
From around the corner it had arose,

An loud yet soothing calm woman's voice,
She had began to speak to my soul,
” My son, why do you fear growing old?"

"Was it something that you saw?"

"Or was it something you were told?

"Life is something that YOU do not posess,"
 "It is a magical wonderful thing,
 To share with all the rest”,

"Dont toss it away,

 When you feel you need it no longer,"
"For all these hard trying times,
 Deep down will make you stronger,"

"And if you just hold your head high,

 Trust in this that I confidently say,"
"So many things will turn out to be great,
  In countless unbelievable ways”,

  And as fast as it came,
 It was then gone,
 A tear ran from my eye,
 Maybe she was right, and I wasnt seeing it clear,

 I then decided I will go on !!!
I threw down the gun,
And tossed open the shades,
And then felt a large yellow sun,

It seemed like just yesterday,
Forever more I live greatful indeed,
Thank you, to whomever she was,
Sincerely, from my family and me....

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You Are My Dream Come True

Rose Garden

Always in your heart
I make you feel more loved
Then you have ever felt
And happier than you ever dreamed
The love and understanding I have
Is something you have searched for
Your entire life.

I wrote
Always in your happiest
And saddest moments
I am your best friend and confidante
You come to me for everything
And I listen to you without judgement

Always, keep within your soul
You know we have a love like no other
What we share is something others
Only hope for and dream of

But forever experience
Our love is magicial beyond belief
Always without hesitation
I give of myself completrly
I have reached the very dept of your soul
Bringing out emotions you never knew you had
An unveiling an ability to love
You never thought possible.

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