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Douglas Johnson I Miss You

Douglas Johnson I Miss You


Douglas Johnson It been almost a year since you were called to be with the lord and I sincerely miss you!

I just have to say thank you for all you have inspired me to do.

I lived vicariously through you and a few other friends.

Your impressive determination to not let a disability prohibit your progress never had an end.

In life you were as lively as anyone I have ever knew.

I secretly admired your strength of effortlessly tackling all obstacles thrown at you.

I know I met you late in life but it was right on time.

Your spirit lives on and I am proud to say you’re still a friend of mine.

As I reminisce of our short time together I am still in awe at your courage and ability to never complain.

If I had dealt with even half of your private challenges I would definitely be visibly insane.

I really had no idea of how much you were struggling and I am sure that is how you preferred it to be.

Despite your pains your ability to be selfless with your generosity never missed a beat as you did it consistently!

You touched my heart by providing non-judgmental support in times that I really needed a good friend.

That’s why our friendship continues as I continue to conquer this world until GOD requests my journey to also come to an end.

They say the impact you have on people’s lives is always apparent at your funeral; now I certainly agree.

Being there to observe all the love your family showed you validated how much they already missed you dearly.

Our brief encounter in life trumped some of my longer friendships because your transition significantly impacted me!

I use your life as motivation to live my life the way I want to just like you did with pride yet respectfully.

I get sad sometimes thinking of the positive contributions you made to my life knowing you’re no longer physically here.

The consolation of knowing you’re resting in heaven brings me comfort in knowing GOD has you near and dear!



By Bryant Mosley

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”Staley's Comet” a Tribute to Layne Staley

”Staley's Comet

No resemblance to what once was,
What have they done to you?
Haunting sounds that you create,
Did you just want something new?

War torn thoughts and a deep lost love,
You couldnt find your way,
So you sold your soul to get a hold,
Of something that would stay,

Little white lies to battle cries,
Mommys little boy,
Slow death running through your veins,
Surrendered to the pain,

Staleys comet has burned out tonight,
Theres nothing left to fight,
The fun stopped so long ago,
On that cold northwestern night,

Your distance to the top,
Was less than most of us,
Silent whispers into your ear,
Try to attain the rush,

In the beginning there is never harm,
It seems easy to control,
But once the snake begins to bite,
The poison penetrates the soul,

Staleys comet has burned out tonight,
Darkness absorbs the light,
The fun has stopped long ago,
On that cold northwestern night,

In the end, you have no friends,
Its you and you alone,
And when its time to pay the price,
It will split you to the bone,

Now you left us here, to fight the years,
Theres no shame in reaching for a hand,
Candle lit by the t.v. screen,
The remains of the man,

So here I am, a humbled man,
But I remember through clouded eyes,
Staleys comet has burned out tonight,
His wings no longer denied...

R.I.P Layne Staley (1973-2002)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of my favorite singers, and the saddest story in rock & roll.

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Death notice

Requiescat in pace

Josephine Frances Wakeham died peacefully surrounded by her children Wednesday 17th August 2011; aged 70 years.

With tears we watched you suffer,
And watched you fade away,
With courage and concern for others,
You fought so hard to stay,
But God saw you were weary,
And did what He thought best,
He gently took you in His arms,
And whispered "Come and rest"
We all love you Mum

Adrian and Aleks,
Miriam and Andre,
Carmel and John

And Grandchildren
Tarquin and

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mum, it is not for you these tears I weep for you are now in a better place, your pain and suffering turned to relief. I weep for my selfishness as I am still not ready to lose you.

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