Cat And Dog (Cat, Dog, Sang)

Cat and dog are at it again
they're trying to impresss me,
but they are not fooling anyone
by singing for their food, daily.

I can't wait to hear this
wonder what song they'll sing,
it may be blues or even dance
such happiness to them, it brings.

I think it's torture on the ears
hearing them every single day,
I'm starting to think they're tone deaf
in each and every way.

Stand in front of the fireplace
snapping fingers and tapping toes,
they sang their song to me
they'd sing high, then go very low.

It's something they just came up with
didn't make any sense to me,
they even took turns dancing
I was tired of listening to their plea.

One would howl, the other meow
but not in the way you'd think,
they had switched places, you see
I heard giggling, then they'd wink.

I thought that was pretty clever
even for a dog and cat,
they'd twirl their canes, 'round and 'round
as I watched them tip their hats.

I think that maybe this time
they had outsmarted me,
they stood there with smiles
when they saw me with food AND treats.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem written for children. I figured I'd put a little humour close to the end.

Cat's Off Ancient Babylon

They were the watchers of the underworld.                           
Host of the soul, that’s how the stories were told.                                                                                            
Protector of the serpent was carved in stone.
Ancient times long ago, all but forgotten the stories of power once told.
Now you sit on the window edge, most have forgetting the legends that are now dead.
Your power no longer seen and your beauty now only skin deep, mankind wins another defeat.
Another creature now just a mere pet, but one day we will regret.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

some one said wirte a poem about a cat, i'm a dog person myself, this is all i got

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Dum Clown !


U nothing but a small cat with a big mouth // man u swear u tuff // fucking under grown meowth // that's why I caught u talking shit with ur head down // u think u funny but u ain't nuttin but a class clown // I'm the one with the ring wearing dat royal crown // it's funny how every time your confronted u give peoples the runaround // ha i swear your antics are so predictable // just call me John proctor as I put you in a crucible // yea u got these people believing in your dum lies // even got some people tearing up from your fake cries // well nows the time flee // no goodbyes // I'm here to shred & disorganize // you should go back to master splinter if you are wise // fucking dirty ninja turtle with pussy cross-eyes // I hope you crawl back in your sewer & never see no sunrise.


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Little Princess

Being me is never rough
because my life never gets tough
when I’m at my mommy’s place
which is where I live, play,
and get fed high quality food
that nourishes me and enhances my playful mood;
my mommy loves to spoil me
and absolutely adores how cuddly
my orange fur feels when I rub against her face –
she also has this laser light that I love to chase
around, it’s my favorite game
although it is almost always the same:
I run around and climb upon
the walls – this doesn’t take long
because I am still quite young:
I love to sleep, run around, and have fun
while my mommy works her nine to five,
I live a relaxed and lazy life
where I lounge around and wait
for her to come home (this wait is what I hate)
because I love her so much
that I immediately purr at her touch;
when she gets home, she lays down
and I lay beside her without making a sound
other than my loud, vibrating purr,
which I am quite sure
makes her feel loved, just like when I attack
her feet – I am the perfect little kitty cat:
Now is the time where I take the final step
and introduce myself… I am Miss Luna Depp.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written in the eyes of my kitty!

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Gratitude of Animals, Pear Babies

Great Gratitude



To you at birth each animal bequeathed
his own special gift in ribbons wreathed.
The cat delivered her independence.
The hawk his detached ascendance.
Loyalty gifted by the dog.
Archer's aim conferred the frog.
Waters of life gave the camel
Nurturing from the bovine mammal.
Longevity came from the tortoise.
Love for all from the porpoise.

Squirrel: the art of storing
Mouse flexibility

Gopher tunneling
Horse speed agility
Chameleon disguise
Guinea pig lovability.

Parrot mimicry
Rabbit fertility
Bull courageous fight
Giraffe his extreme height.
Gorilla his awesome might
Swan a soaring flight.

Porcupine pen quills

Stag his antlers
Squid: ink to write
Eagles.. longrange sight
Armadillo his armoured coat.
The whale offered himself as boat.
Elephant his showering trunk
Foe repellant from the skunk.
Bear his peaceful hibernation.
Vulture her conservation.
The donkey gave her patient heart.
The monkey gave his mental art.
His suitcase to you gave the kangaroo
as the gnu was freed from the zoo.
Roaches their divine forgiving
Lark her lilting love of living.
Sparrows their simplicity
Fox detective duplicity
Endurance from the ants
Bees their direction dance
Spiders the art of weavers
Architecture from the beavers.
Woodpecker.. carving precision.
Owl her nighttime vision
Fidelity from the loons
Humor from the baboons
Paper weaving from the wasp.
Medicines.. from the asp.
Crow her entire jewel collection.
Pigs their spirit of insurrection.
Octopi their boxing protection.
Butterflies their resurrection.


(to Andrew Linzey, first professor of animal rights at Oxford and all other animal protectors)




The pear tree has
laid her bright gold
gifts in an autumn basket of

Author's Notes/Comments: 

eggs.. each
is 250 to 300 mg of cholesterol,
120 gallons of production
water and 32 hours
a chicken was confined
to a 3 ft by 1.5 ft
cage with 5 others, after
being debeaked..

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