Black Metal


Follow the Pentagram...!

Black clouds over Bethlehem
Brought by demonwinds
Gates of Hell are opened up
Legions enter in

Woman screaming in the night
Howlings of the wolves
Baby born in piss and shit
Bloody messianic torn

{M A N G E R A P E...}

Fuck The baby jesus
Impaled with the cross
Unholy demon sacrament
Baptized blasphemic lust!

The lies of mary are exposed
Sacrifice false virgin whore
Upon The Altar of Lust!
Triple possession nubile flesh!
Filled with Devil's Ecstasy!
Cummunion Daemonseed!

Incestuous sacrilege
Forbidden gift reciprocate
Orgy of Damnation
Into Wombtomb insertion
Straight to Hell as Satan's slaves!

{M A N G E R A P E...}

Fuck the baby jesus
Impaled with the cross
Fuck the baby jesus
In the manger lost!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Blasphemous scenario of sacriligeous horror! sesuj & mary enslaved & possessed by demons in the manger, proceed with an orgy of damnation! Symbolic and literal descriptions. Remember to follow that Pentagram! [Coincides with SHADOW GALLERY: Immaculate Defecation]

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Full Moon

From below

I come;

a nightmare



Into your eyes

i look

and the fire

you see


My burning desire;;

my nevering hate;

unsatisfied revenge:

you shall help to quench


Together we shall rule;

this darkness unfolded;

a moon full,

blackest souls!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 
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Birth of an Abomination


The horses all wept and sweating in fright.
As the skies all burned on this auspicious night.
She bled from her womb as they entered the room.
The kings all took him for their private sight.
The screaming commenced as the dogs hit the fence.
Searching for the blood of the chosen  
The Countess, she fled in her gown of all red
As she trailed behind her her fluid life.
This night was foresaw by the seers of the macabre
As they awaited the stars to align
Centuries past as impatience lasts awaiting this darkened sky
The kings smiled with greed on his blood they will feed
As they handed him to their magi
She fled and escaped for it was too late as the stars had already formed
The circle a formation of 13 was forth as they bled him with their sacred knife
As the life red was flowing their power growing and gave rise to an abomination.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This came to my head one dark day.  Maybe its because I used to listen to Blavk Metal in my sleep.

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