Can't add friends from phone

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when I try to approve a friend or add a friend om my cell phone I can't see to click yes. If I click follow the screen comes up in the middle so I can only follow people now. Does anyone else have this problem. 

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cant approve FR on phone

Yeah same problem on my LG.

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One way to add friends

If you open the friends button in your Bio .

People can friend you.

That is the only way I could do it that i know of.

I cant friend anyone myself.

I tried it once just recently and that box

Came up and i cant see it 

I think it is in the code for phones on here.

I would like to see what other users have to say.


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I have always had that problem.

There are 5 people that are at the top

Of my phone that tryed to friend me

But i cant OK it. Or disapprove either.

So they are stuck in limbo at the top.

At least i am not the only one.


More later