Open Me. I am filled with an important message. ^-^

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Post Poems on Facebook:
"We need a better logo image and banner graphic for the page.."
"Anyone want to give it a shot?"
"We'll give you credit and a link to your PostPoems page in the image comments...."
"If no one volunteers from PostPoems (being that members do come first) I can see about out sourcing this to a few artistic friends of mine. :)"
Me: (Ashes: Spreading the word) ^.^
"If you are interested please contact the Admin on this site.
I think that this is a great opportunity to show off your creative artistic touch!" 
Have a wonderful day guys! <3

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I might be able to give it a

I might be able to give it a try...

~Love, Poisonous

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please give it a try... thanks!

Jason Minton
PostPoems Admin

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Thank you for posting this...

Thank you for posting this... I would love to have anyone give it a shot!

Jason Minton
PostPoems Admin

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Like Jason mentioned Thank

Like Jason mentioned Thank you!!!

and making a forum post about it that is awesome!!


I sure hope someone from Postpoems can come up with something good, I really dont wanna out source it since it's for the site.


ALSO: Every offical logo, banner, and the like will be added to the PostPoem's publication...

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