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I rolled out some changes today... yes I know a lot of people can't stand changes... just look at what happens everytime facebook makes a change... :)

I guess you have to trust my vision... anyways, here's a summary and some info:

1) new theme... The new theme is cleaner, less bloated and the colors are based on the original site design.

2) activity stream(s): I have separated the activity for new poems and new comments. That way if you're only interested in find the latest poems, you can do that, and if you're only interested in getting in on the latest comments, then you can do that without weeding through the other. You'll find both in the top menu under: Author Activity and Comment Activity. Both of those are updated every 30 minutes.

3) Monthly Archives... improved this a little... when you click on a month, you now get a list whereas before you would get a screen dump of full poems.

4) Your menu: Author Menu on the right... it's simpler.

- Manage My Portfolio has two tabs at the top, one for poems and one for folders. This allows you to edit/delete your posts
- Replies to me: this is a list of comments from other people on your poems
- My Profile just takes you to your profile and then you can click edit at the top... when you do that you'll have two 3 tabs at the top to edit different areas of your profile.

5) Your Profile: so, I realized that I originally over complicated the profile with a bazillion fields and options... I have greatly narrowed that down. I'm sorry if you had something in one of the fields that got cut and you lost it, but going forward it should be much simpler to manage. I also tweaked the profile page design a little.

6) Your portfolio page and folders views... This is enhanced based on the old design where you see your folders and your poems from your portfolio page. If you click on a folder you see just the poems in the folder... There are links at the top of the folder view to take you back to your portfolio page and from the portfolio page there are links to take you back to the profile. Also from the poem view there are links at the bottom to take you back to your portfolio. I also add the copyright mark back to the bottom of each post.

What's Next?

Near future:
- sharing buttons on poems and folders and profiles to easily allow sharing on facebook, twitter, g+, etc.
- guestbook or wall or private messages... some means for easy communication between authors
- ability to download and save your posted works
- printer friendly version of poems page that can be downloaded, saved. Maybe PDF format.

- login using your facebook account
- optional automatic posting to your facebook timeline and newsticker stream
- a facebook app where you'll be able to display your portfolio and manage it right inside facebook
- add friends and follow just your friends posting/commenting activity

Other Stuff - ads/donations/money
- There are no ads on the site right now...
- There is no donation box or button...
- I am thinking about alternative ways cover the costs...

Note that none of these changes or planned changes will result in the loss of your poems or comments or work. You will always have full access to all of your posts and the ability to download and save them.

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Trying to find my way around. I have sen many changes over the years and have adapted. I am glad to be a part of this site for a long time.


I have a request, yet don't know where to put it. Please help.

From: YYY (
Sent: Sat 11/26/11 1:50 PM

Hi all,
Big Tim is in the hospital in Salisbury
He had a fall and tore his leg open
lost alot of blood
doing ok, from what I know...
Peninsula General 410-546-6400

room number # 5136

I am sure he'd like to hear from you all


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Starting to LOVE the new

Starting to LOVE the new layout for it, I was curious I noticed you finally got the "prose" options to make short stories and essays and the like, I was wondering kinda hoping if maybe by chance there could be a function added to the edit portion of them so you can change a poem into a short story or short story into a poem without having to copy and past into a whole new one.. or maybe there is... Also I'd love to see a "like" button on poems that you can click like as well as leave a comment, maybe if a "could use improvement" button hahaha

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hey, thanks for the feedback

hey, thanks for the feedback and suggestions...

- I don't think there is a way to change from poem to prose, but I will see if it's possible to add that functionality.
- I'll also see what we can do about adding a like button.


Jason Minton
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Thanks .. sorry I tend to freak out first before I realize what is really going on, but thank-you for letting me know. I'm sure the changes aren't that bad, and I'm grateful for this website in general. ;)

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