How do I share ALL my poems, not just one at a time?

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The only way I've found is bringuing up my page, but because I'm logged in, won't that give whoever I share it with access to am page, changing things, etc? SOrry if that's not clear, just trying to figure out how to share ALL my poes at once....thanks!

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Viewing anastazia's

Viewing anastazia's Portfolio

  Title Type Folder Comments Views Posted
1 ~ SLEEP ~ new Poem     5 4 days ago
2 Time Continues,‘til it no longer does... new Poem   1 6 2 weeks ago
3 WHY?!?!? (Questions Abusers Cause) Poem     110 8 years ago
4 ~Grieving With You~ Poem     89 10 years ago
5 It needs the Son! Poem     90 10 years ago
6 ~We Know What Love is Not...{...What Love is...}~ Poem     83 10 years ago
7 ~She's like me, I'm like her~ Poem     97 10 years ago
8 ~Ears to Hear~ Poem     107 10 years ago
9 ~Captured By Your Love~ Poem     83 10 years ago
10 ~The Christmas I almost Died~ updated Poem     147 11 years ago
11 ~Abusers~ Poem     84 11 years ago
12 ~HE Knows The Truth!~ Poem   1 94 11 years ago
13 ~Open your eyes {& heart} to the truth~ Poem     68 11 years ago
14 ~Jesus paid the price, but so did I~ Poem   1 90 11 years ago
15 ~You Were There~ Poem     81 11 years ago
16 ~I Am Not Her~ Poem     68 11 years ago
17 ~Contradictions Within~ Poem     84 11 years ago
18 ~Wandering, Entering in~ Poem     91 11 years ago
19 ~A Throne For One Alone~ Poem   1 97 11 years ago
20 ~My Hiding Place, My Shelter~ Poem   1 85 11 years ago
21 ~The Gift Finally Received~ Poem     68 11 years ago
22 ~My Heart is Set~ Poem     81 11 years ago
23 ~ Dare I Reach Out? ~ Poem     96 11 years ago
24 ~Solitude & Silence Have a Purpose~ Poem     98 11 years ago
25 ~The Endlessness~ Poem     104 11 years ago
26 ~The impact of Words~ Poem     85 11 years ago
27 ~Insomnia's Gift~ Poem     83 12 years ago
28 ~Taken From Destruction's Grasp~ Poem     91 12 years ago
29 ~My Deliver is Coming!~ Poem     73 12 years ago
30 ~Surrendering to Finally Surrendering~ Poem   1 92 12 years ago
31 ~Taken From Egypt~ Poem     78 12 years ago
32 ~In My (Temporary) Home Once More~ Poem     93 12 years ago
33 ~Contradictions in the Shadows~ Poem   1 102 12 years ago
34 ~In Silence~ Poem     99 12 years ago
35 ~In Everything, Give Thanks~ Poem     75 12 years ago
36 ~Your Wandering~ Poem     105 12 years ago
37 ~The end's Approach~ Poem     271 12 years ago
38 ~Your Grace~ Poem     79 12 years ago
39 ~Where Will We Be?~ Poem     88 12 years ago
40 ~Touched By Your Reach~ Poem     95 12 years ago
41 ~Seeking, Knocking, Asking~ Poem     78 12 years ago
42 ~This Vessel~ Poem     95 12 years ago
43 ~Why it Took so long~ Poem     102 12 years ago
44 ~Sisterfriends~ Poem   1 99 12 years ago
45 ~Taken Places~ Poem     76 12 years ago
46 "I Feel Watched," she said. Poem   2 103 12 years ago
47 ~Being Observed~ Poem     88 12 years ago
48 ~Because of what He Does~ Poem   1 94 12 years ago
49 ~My Mother, My Mentor, My Friend~ Poem     86 12 years ago
50 ~The Bond Between True Friends~ Poem     75 12 years ago
51 ~Choices~ Poem     76 12 years ago
These are your poems right? This is what i got  cheers you can also click your author name above your picture profile to see it. 

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Go to directory type in your

Go to directory type in your pen name in search for pen name then you will see your home page and a blue link listed with how many poems you have if someone clicks this in your profile all your piems come up in a list. You can only upload one poem at a time.   its a good thing because some new poets want all thier work up at once which could be thousands! but its a higher read rate if you share them over time. You could also add ten poems to a post with one title or theme to save time. But Please dont post more than 5-15 a day in increments of 5 is as it floods the feed and annoys people who also want to post and have their poems on the feed. We are a mostly a polite bunch. Ive posted thousands over nearly ten years :) we comment but also like comments so give and take with consideration is the name of the game here :)  cheers & happy posting! 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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You could tag all your poems

You could tag all your poems with your name then if anyone searches using your name as a tag all your poems come up at the one time. Come to think of it we could all be doing this as I do hate jumping in and out of screens. xP

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Once you've uploaded all of your poems separately, you can click the Print My Poems button while you're logged in and it shows them all alphabetically in order. You do have to be logged in to use that option though. All of your poems are readable on your page to anyone who finds them, but only you can look at them all while logged in.

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