It's nice to find a Home.

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I've searched for awhile to find a place that I can call home amongst words and writers. I've been apart of PostPoems world for less than two weeks and I can't describe the joy I have reading, commenting, marveling over all of you. I can't wait to discover more. I've had the warmest welcomers and I just wanted to thank the people that have given my writing a chance. I've struggled over the years to find myself, through writing, through lifes medicine and simply myself. I've had a rocky relationship with writing, and I'm so glad to be back with it. If anyone has time, dive into my world. I enjoy criticism as much as praise. 

**if it's an eye for an eye, then we'll all go blind.**

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welcome home

"little girl"



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot