A Woman Loses Her Vagina on the Subway...

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A Woman Forgets Her Vagina on the Subway…

A short story by Wolf Larsen


A woman forgot her vagina on the subway.  So she went to the lost and found department of the public transportation authority of her city.


“May I help you?” asked the woman behind the counter of the lost and found.

“Yes, I’m looking for my vagina, I lost it on the subway,” said the young lady.

“Can you describe your vagina?” asked the lady behind the counter.  “Does it have any distinguishing characteristics?”

“No, I can’t think of anything.  It’s just an ordinary everyday vagina,” said the young lady.


So the woman behind the lost and found counter gave the young lady a drawer full of lost vaginas.  The young lady was going through the drawer full of lost vaginas trying to find her vagina, but she couldn’t find it.


That’s when Al Capone the gangster showed up.  Al Capone had a giant vagina in the middle of his face.  Al Capone asked, “hey, is anybody missing a vagina?”


“Say!” exclaimed the young lady.  “That looks like my vagina!”

“Well the plastic surgeons screwed up!” exclaimed Al Capone.  “And he put this vagina in the middle of my face!”

“Who’s your plastic surgeon?” asked the young lady.

“Richard Pryor is my plastic surgeon,” responded Al Capone.

“But Richard Pryor is dead!” responded the young lady.


So the young lady and Al Capone took the escalator up to heaven to talk to Richard Pryor.

When they got there they found to their surprise Richard Pryor sitting on God’s throne.


“Richard Pryor, what are you doing sitting on God’s throne?” asked the young lady and Al Capone.

“There’s been a change of management,” responded Richard Pryor.


“Richard Pryor we have a problem with your plastic surgery!” said Al Capone.

“Just a moment, I have to make some rain,” said Richard Pryor.  And with that Richard Pryor pulled out his penis and urinated all over the earth from the cloud he was standing on.


When he was finished Richard Pryor said: “I sold my cosmetic surgery practice to Rick Santorum.  So you’ll have to go talk to him.”

Later, the young lady and Al Capone found Rick Santorum.  Rick Santorum was dressed up as a transvestite and giving Wolf Larsen a blow job.


“Hey Rick Santorum, we have to talk to you!” said the young lady and Al Capone.

“Not now,” said Rick Santorum.  “Can’t you see I’m busy giving wolf Larsen a blow job?  Go sit in the waiting room until I’m done!”


So Rick Santorum was giving me one hell of a great blow job!  But then just when I was about to cum Rick Santorum stopped and said, “the time is now 7:00.  Time to get up!  The time is now 7:00.  Time to get up!”


And I woke up all mad!  This was the second time Rick Santorum a given me a blow job in a dream, and each time Rick Santorum didn’t have the decency to finish what he started!


Copyright 2014 by Wolf Larsen

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right load of crap.

Is this your new style of writing? I am not impressed. Filth was never an answer to an inferiority complex.  I am sure that a good psychiatrist could be of help in your case. Bern