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I miss your touch
Your warm embrace
Your easy laugh
That look on your face
When half of a smile
And your beautiful eyes
With their eternal gaze
Did their best to disguise.
But I swear for an instant-
A second or two-
As you broke my defenses,
I saw into you.
And within that instant
Are centuries- years,
And I feel we are infinite,
Free from all fears.
I see all that you are
And all you could be.
I have lived your whole life;
You've become part of me.
I see awesome adventures:
We'll sail the seas wide.
We'll go out by the sunrise,
Come in with the tide.
We'll climb mountains so tall
That they live among stars
And we'll stand on the top
To embrace where we are.
We might stay for the night,
Or maybe a year,
Then we'll make our way down
To the atmosphere.
We'll parade through the people
And make our way home,
Which is anywhere, so long as
We're not left alone.
And tired from journeys
We'll lie down 'neath the stars
And I'll fall asleep knowing
I'm safe in your arms.
How, in one second,
I've lived our lives through,
I know not, but I do know
That everything's true.
As I look in your eyes
I might smile and ask
What you're thinking, but always
You put on your mask.
But I hope when you do this,
When you play this game,
There's a chance that we both
Are thinking the same.
So I take in a deep breath
And let out a long sigh,
Hope that this never ends
Till the day that I die.
"and in that moment, I swear we were infinite."

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Gr8 poem

Gr8 poem


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I live in you Till the day I

I live in you

Till the day I die