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Wev waited for over a year,
Wev wanted eachother since that very first kiss,
Wev yearned eachothers bodies since that very first touch,
Wev needed eachother since that very first want.

We finally made our needs
Into our wants.

It soon turned into
Me still wanting you after our time
Me still yearning your body pushed against me
Me still needing your touch even after you were done.

My wants turned back into
My need for you.

Im tired of waiting
And knowing exactly what lies at the other end of the line.
Im tired of looking
When I know where what I want is.
I'm tired of being just a phone call
And I'm ready to be your everything again.

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It would be nice if people

It would be nice if people fell out of love and need together, but sadly, it seems that one or the other is left wanting after it's over.