First attempt at poetry out of school!

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Love my Rocking Boat

I want to move with the tide 
Move along against the white blue lines 
Racing them when they're racing me
My heart pounding challenging we
Tripping but It was only a stumble
Rocks crawling grabbing and rumble
Untied laces best to make them one
Stepping Into the deep blue water 
We look up and see the sun
Shining tides moving towards us 
The bearded man assured this will be fun
I lose my chain in the ocean
That doesn't stop me for my one
I climb inside the shaking boat 
On the ocean I'll sit and float
All aboard we all go 
Moving with the waters flow. 
Ocean monsters rise above 
Tides crashing ocean love
Our men falling for they've lost
Hold on tight I'm so almost near
Land ahead its so clear
Love me now or hold your peace
Love me now, don't let it decrease

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keep on

rockin the boat, that is on the ocean of emotion!



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot