Under the Same Sky

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I might not know where you are
might not know your full name,
But one thing I do know: our worlds
are held inside one frame.

If ever I feel lost, my dear,
or feel I'm all alone,
I look up to the sky to see
the facts in the unknown.

Does it matter where I am?
Or where on earth you are?
As far as I know, we are still
under one bright star.

I find comfort just to know
the miles aren't as great
that lie between you and me
than me and heaven's gate.

So when I look into the night
as on my back I lie,
I like to know that you're out there,
under the same sky.

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i enjoyed this :) nice job

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I really like this. It's so sweet and real. I like the imagery. It's like i'm actually laying in the grass looking up at the stars.

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very comforting, reminds me of a favourite song of mine - somewhere out there thanks I enjoyed this.

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