Here with you one more time.

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Things seem so hard and it seems like nothing is going right
i have tried a one hundred times and one hundred times i failed
nothing seems to make things feel right. I have been through
so many face's and seen so many face's but my heart just seems
so dead since your gone.

Every time a i sit and think of the times we had i get those feeling's
that i had when we were once so close but now its just the ghost i
chase wishing things could have gone better than they did. Another
minute could have saved us but i chose to walk away because i love you
and i cant stand the hurt i put you through.

Places i go i see images of your face and it makes me think of how
the times we had were so damn crazy, those long nights if staying up
laughing at nothing , the times we cried over things that seemed unimportant
to others we were of a kind.I am here now without you but i still feel you here every time i close my eyes.

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This says everything I feel

This says everything I feel about my lost ex. I try to make those familiar things positive. But it's hard when you just want them then. At that moment.