...As She Sleeps

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When darkness falls I wait for her to sleep

and into her bedroom I quietly creep

pull my knife from my sheath

and over her bed, I am to weep.


Raise my knife above my head

I think of the life, we could have lead

all the words that were said

and the hate, I ever so dread.


Then my hands lower towards her bed

and her sheets turn a bloody red.


She sits up, her face filled with fright 

as screams of agony run through the night

She didn't put up much of a fight

but it doesn't matter, now everything's alright.


And now its over, it's all said and done

Oh, I remember when it used to be fun

But in the distance raises the sun

The sirens sound, and off I run.

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wow, that was  very good it

wow, that was  very good it almost makes me cry

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that was a very morbid read. 


I like your rhythm between your lines. 

"We are, Each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another." -Luciano De Crescenzo

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one of my very early poems

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Sounds beautiful, but leads unsatisfacying ending story ...very sad


the rhythem is very good


Best wishes