i hate the scum of the earth

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Conquering the "Holy"


Your life's been crushed upon the wings of angels, 

Lies melt your mind, like flames to candles.

You think you're doing good for the world, 

yet you're rotting under the sign of your lord.


When confronted, holiness is your mask,

For behind closed doors, in evil you bask,

hypocrisy rules your every word,

filled with lies, completely absurd.


These vengeful thoughts, they overwhelm me,

my hatered and anger burn uncontolably,

I must set out and battle the "holy,"

Deminish them all, conquer without mercy.


I'll use all my rage and nothing less,

To end your life in a bloody mess,

I'll take my chains, and let them fall,

upon yout filth infected skull,


You'll beg and pray, but its no use,

around your neck, I'll slip a noose,

I'll kick the bucket, and watch you squirm,

proud we are free of another germ.


I'll slice the throught of this pathetic being, 

the "holy" bloodflow is all I am seeing,

above this vile mess I stand, 

proud and satisfied, with sword in hand.


I stare into those lifeless eyes,

discusting, revolting, and filled with lies,

I spit hatered and rage on this pitifull mess

pleased to see, there is now one less.


I begin the hunt, to find the rest,

to remove them all, is the goal I set,

when I rid this filth from our land,

Victory and pride, together we'll stand.


Conquering the "holy" is now my mission, 

So I've gathered an army who shares my vision.

Together we march, an unstopable force,

prepared to slay them with no remorse.


Forward we march, as a vengeful band,

Fury and rage guide our hand,

Victorious and proud, in the end we will stand,

for the "holy" will perish, under my command.


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strong words

do you mean to set out to kill God? didn't they already try that 2000 years ago? God is ineffible, cannot be touched, and lives inside of everything. to kill God would be to destroy existence itself. and God is very, very real

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i mean to destroy the hypocrisy, the hate, the ignorance, the bigotry, the lies, the hindering of knowledge and growth, the lack advancement, the negativity and demeaning nature that religion breads. religion is the biggest downfall of the human race. its caused more wars and taken more lives than anything else. religion is primitive, immature and evil and has no reason to be a part of our society. the world would be a much more peacefull, inviting; beautifull, accepting place if religion was erradicated.i hate religion in all its vile forms.

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have you read nietzsche?

interestingly enough, the most influential atheist thinker ever said the exact opposite. according to nietzsche, if people were to abandon christianity we would have chaos - as christianity is the basis upon which we view morality in the modern society. if you read christ's teachings you would see he teaches nothing but love and forgiveness. it is pride, lust for power, insecurity, and money that causes wars. nothing else. the crusades were about power, christianity was a front to lure people into their cause. that doesn't make christianity itself bad.

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its served its purpose

i feel it has served its purpose in our primitive societies as a sort of government and way to control the masses, and yes it was very much a big part of our early advancement, but we have come way to far as an intelligent race of beings to be stuck in the ways of such an ancient system of mass control. we have governments in place, we have science, we have grown so much since then its time to remove the virus from our society.

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don't usually get involved with this type of discussion, taking neither position, I'm simply asking, in this scenario who is the one spewing hate and violence?

Your beliefs are your God or religion ...and yours are dictating that you must kill and irradicate any whom you deem unworthy to share the earth with you, or who's opinions you don't like or agree with. I see no difference.

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first off, id like it to be known that this is just a poem taking to the extreme. im not crazy nor do i harbor homicidle tendancies. im also not one claiming peace, love, acceptance, etc. then turning a corner and slaughtering in the name of christ. this is where i see the hypocrisy in all religions. i myself am a very accepting, loving, open individual and see the harm, bigotry, and segregation that religion breeds. i do not care one wayh or another if anyone is religious or not.... however they want to waste there time and energy praying to their sky daddy is there business. when it starts affecting me or the ones i care about is when i get irritated and confront the problem. theres an old saying that fits here well.... you gotta fight fire with fire. this may be a violent poem but like i said u gotta fight fire with fire and religion has created more violence and destruction than i ever could with a poem. theres so much more id like to continue on but it will probably fall on deaf ears. i hope my stance on this issue is a little more pronounced now.