neither lost nor trapped

it was a sencless morning

with grass green

the cherries red,

the path i wish to take

forward not back

i walk the road alone

i find nothing to see

nothing to hear

birds churping.. no ?

the forrest is dieing

the life is fading away

from the abuse it once took

the leaves wither to grey

and the trunk turns weak.

they tumble over one by one.
one person is all it needs to bring back the life in it
one person .. can only make thy differnce

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this One is one i was ment to post a while ago, I did it for english and got an A for it almost made my teacher cry,
its actually inspired by roberts frost view of nature, hes actually one of my inspireations.
knowing theres not many people who use this site its sad and id love to build up more connections with everyone

guys my name is jarret  if you wish to add me on fb very well i love poetry,
im male 16 live in australia and id be glad to talk about it with anyone who would be interested
theres a link to my fb :) add me

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Fantastic imagery. And, yes,

Fantastic imagery. And, yes, I will look you up on Facebook. :)