The Perfect Man 1-29-00


Eyes, as blue as ice

Heart, warm as flames

Hair carefully placed.

To him love won't be a game.

He'll treat me with respect

At least what I deserve.

he won't want me to be who I'm not

Or push me around.

He'll protect me

When I need it most.

He will be there to lend a hand

he won't look at other girls

In a sexy way

he'll raise my spirits

When I am feeling down

He'll pray with me

Even to give help he knows he doesn't have.

He won't be all macho

Or consumed with himself.

he doesn't have to have the best looks in town

he won't be a smarty pants

Or think he knows everything

He will talk about his feelings

And let me share mine

Overall he has to be nice and caring

Just to be the Perfect man

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We all have our dream image of the opposite sex.. here's what mine sounds like

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worth the visit

Karyn Indursky's picture

I don't know that a "perfect" man, woman, or anything exists, but you described here was beautiful because it exposed what you really want and put you in tune with yourself while letting us, the readers, get to know your innerself.