A lost man broken and torn into two, still breathing his last breath he leaves a clue.
leaks of blood in a shape of a screw, i thought to myself he has been killed by who?
Walking into the woods i found a hard hat in a tree, im trying to picture what can it be?
A screw,a hard hat, whats next? look it's cemented tracks.

Im closer and closer to solving the mystery death, next thing you know i fighting to catch my breath.
A plastic bag caught me with silence from stealth, it was so tight i couldnt call for help.
Slowly i reach for my hip, squeezing the trigga on my gun, making his body flip.

Im gasping for air, i give this object a stare, my eyes a blure, but i know its a sludge hammer thats there.
I now have the last of the clues, a sludge hammer, a hard hat, cemented tracks and a screw, i check the time, dued im late for supper.

If you still didnt get it, the mystery is a construction worker.
The man was broke into two by the sludge hammer, but this man i shot was wearing a camera.
Another unsolved mystery

Author's Notes/Comments: 

can you solve this mystery if you did comment me if not then tell me your thoughts.

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wow what a write, this is a wonderful piece, i was very ecited to reach the end while ready each line.
You have a great talent my friend,
keep penning

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thanks i try to paint ictures when write a oem so it can capture the moments and speak the truth at the same time

wisdom comes from God

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from the reader

will you did just that with this one. the descriptive writing on this piece was great for the reader.
keep it up

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mr.610 i have another poem called she devil and also the battle for love you should check them out i think you will enjoy

wisdom comes from God