Like a rose peddle with a drop of rain, candy cotted rain drops of hurtful pain.
Wet and sad, fighting a horrible life without a dad.
A over dose of abuse, you know that can kill you.
Momma standing strong, trying to be the parent thats holding on.
Now life strikes no family or parents to grow old, im hurting in a winter blizzard cold.
No one to hear my cry's, or feel my sarrow, i feel like hay use for a scarcrow.
But whats the point only here for a harvest season, why do i hurt with all these diffrent reasons.
People make you feel so unreliable, and yet so prodigal being hurt can never feel so wonderful.
Praying since you been in pampers, now 22 waiting for Him to answer.
Back stab people trying to force you to go to rehab, you dont need it just need a life without tabs.
My heart brakes because of this world full of hate, sometimes i feel dying is the only escape.
Pain oh Pain where did i make my mistake, me being human is that why my pain take place.
A new life, a new begining, soon or later this pain and suffering will come to a ending.
Relentlessly pounding pain in my heart, Damn do this Pain ever stop.
Hang me up and put me on a show case, even if it stop my mind will never erase.
Relentless Pain i tried everything even novacane, now i see only God can save me, from this physical, mental and emotional pain. THIS PAIN IS CALLED LIFE.

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Love you Charleston , From Mama Gladys

God has your back. Regardless of what has happened or what you have been through God will never leave or forsake you.

wisdom comes from God

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No pain never ends, its

No pain never ends, its always there. But there are places, in your life, where it will fade or lesson for awhile. It may not show its self for years, but it will always be there. Inside or behind you. Waiting it seems, for its chance to enter you. But you have to continue to see the good, the happyness, the love, to let it over rule the pain full days and moments in your heart, soul, and life. I know what its like, to be in pain, most of my life, has been filled with it. my eyes, my heart, my soul, my memorys, and my body all have felt pain, day by day, it haunts me, but i still see the happyness, the love, the joy, and i live on. I continue to walk, i dont let myself give up, cause somebody out there, needs me, and cause one day, ill get away from the things that hurt me, that cause the pain, but the pain will still be there. Inside the memorys, inside of my thoughts, my feelings, and me. I cant forget them, so they will always remain, but they will and can, fade. Fade to a light gray, which is better then, pitch blackness. But it will never be, completly white. But its ok, cause the gray, makes us remember, to be strong, and live on through the pain, and it lets us smile, if only for a single day. :) I love the poem. Keep writing!


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you is to wonderful hmmmm..... but see not even i older person could have put it better and u did im impress it show me that u have exsperiance

wisdom comes from God