Sunshine Through My Window



Sunshine Through My Window



The sun peeks early morn, warms babies just been born.

 The sunshine's by leaves in trees, spreads a blanket for our knees.

 Box lunch and bottles of wine, sets the scene for lovely old times!

 The Eagle sores over plush green lands, fishing over beige beach sands.

 Children sounds in distance lots, flowers bloom as sun heats up.

 The hunt for cash, diamonds and gold.

 We talk about the future, what dreams we hold!

 Sunshine warms the halls we run, warms the room where I had fun.

 I find pennies in the street, hoping luck cover’s my feet.

 I walk the straight and narrow roads,

 watching babies as they grow.

 Life is over with passing time.

 Life is over like bottles of wine!


 William J Roney III

 Copyright © 2021


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lyrycsyntyme's picture

I really loved the sentiments

I really loved the sentiments set into place by your opening line. The imagery of the spreading of a blanket for a picnic setting is a follow up that beautifully builds on it. It is a heartening piece of writing :)

williamjroneyiii's picture

I can't thank you enough for reading my story!


I was inspried from the song "Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy!"

As I came through the door to my office, the sunshined through the room


and laid on the wall and the room was heated by the warm moring sun!



It pleased me to see that you replied, Thank you!

William J Roney III

lyrycsyntyme's picture

No problem, at all. A very

No problem, at all. A very 'warm' take that I thoroughly enjoyed : )