*Land Of Love*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Bring me to the land of love not far away

A true love fantacy

Lets pack our dreams and run away

It's time to start romancing


Love to land

Is where I want to be

Next to me I want a lover to stand

With this man the future I want to see


The gorgeous children we make

The memories we store

The mouth watering food we bake

This love we create won't be a bore


Because there are no mistakes

And no tears to cry

The best part none of it is fake

We can never be sad even if we try

We drowned our sorrow in the lake

Nothing can pass us by



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Writers block still. Will come back to it to change it up.

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MilMan's picture

Land Of Love

A really Lovely poem Trisha. Keep doing what you do. This is you and beautiful too.   *MilMan*  Cool