*Without Love*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Without Love

You mean nothing to me 

Without Gods acceptance

We are not meant to be 

This is why you were taken away

I'm to find someone new 

So I search yet another day

BecauseI do not belong with you 


God has my path set 

Don't get me wrong 

I am happy we met 

But it wasn't even suppose to last this long


So be greatful on the memories we've shared 

You will always be my wonderful friend

And remember I always for you cared

But this is where it stops 

This is the end 


Because without love

There is nothing 

Maybe if there was romance

There could of been something

But without love you lost your chance

So now you're all alone

That's what to you God will always bring

I'm no longer in your trance