*Why Cant I Have You?*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

I try so hard to understand 
Why God brought you back to me 
Then you just disappear in a shuffle of the sand 
Why is it "this way" it has to be 
No telling me why 
No more calls 
No more of your soft kisses 
My heart just falls 
And my tears just want to pour out of my eyes

Its just not fair 
Don't you understand God him is who my heart misses 
Don't you even care 
That i cant live without thinking of his precious smile

Everyday he is in my mind 
In my damn thoughts and its hurting so much 
Letting me have a tiny taste is so unkind 
A mean thing to my heart is beyond such

A deep cruelness 
It brings so much pain 
One which is beyond forgiveness 
What are you trying to gain

Just to let you know 
My soul you will not get just not yet 
I can make it with him this i will show 
On my soul i bet

But this i ask of my sweetheart 
Why cant i have you 
Why did you let the evil tare us apart 
I guess we'll never know if we were meant to be 
I guess i'll never know if your heart was true

But if it is in the cards you'll be back my way 
We'll just have to wait and see 
But for now i will live day by day 
With each hope that you'll come back to me


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