*Lonely Crys*

Trish Marie Barrek Hopkins
From creative writing class in high school: "Our Own Voice" 1998
East Stroudsburg High School 
Mrs Heeters Class


Lonely cry's
My heart dies
My life falling apart

Lonely cry's 
Loving you so 
The glitter has left my eyes 
But you really don't know

Lonely cry's 
A lost soul
That cant be found
Saying my good byes 
Not person hearing a bit of a sound
Stopping my tears is my goal

Lonely cry's
Crying my last tear 
Bringing out your lies
Losing control is my biggest fear 
Bringing back self esteem and blue skies

My heart is in pain
Wanting you near
Your love has left a stain
But you cant hear

Lonely cry's
You didn't mean to cause
Our love that together ties 
Our love for now we have to put on pause
We weren't meant to say our good byes
God has a plan

For now all i have are these lonely cry's
Don't know what to do
But god will lead me on the right way
But still my heart dies
I know we will be back in each others life someday


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