*Red,White,And Blue*

Trisha M. Barrek-Hopkins

Red,White, and Blue
Who would of thought
Who would of knew
That these colors are a symbol of freedom
People decide to let it in their hearts
It wasn't bought

To bring this nation together
To bring peace to our home
This symbol is here to stay forever
No hate can tare our faith apart
We will never fight alone
Together we stand strong from the start


Each morning we sing
That brings joy to each of our souls
To many... these colors
They are more then a material thing
To many of us ...For the beginning of the day
It is a great goal
A song of peace to our minds it will bring
That our flag will always sway


Red is for the warriors who bled
To keep the family and friends free
White is for those who got lost in the clouds
Blue is for the proof we have clean air to breathe
The stripes are for the ships that blow their horns so loud


We are strong
Our world is built as one
We try to understand
Those who did wrong
From all these deaths our minds are still in amazement
We must for our heros remain strong
And pray with one knee to the pavement


With the Red,White,and Blue by our side
We stand tough and tall
The power to fight good we will not hide
From any evil that can try to make us fall
Because our heros will put up a hell of a fight before they died



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