*The Day The Angels Cried*


September-16 & 17-2002 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to those of 9/11 

The day the angels cried 
We lost our life and our pride 
The day the angels cried 
Is the day we lost our children, husband, and wives 
What has changed? 
The strength of the world, our lives 
Its been rearranged 

The one above 
He'll help us through 
All we can do is love 
The ones we adored and knew 
For that's what they would want 
Even though that day will always haunt 


Things happen for a reason 
God please help us understand 
The right to our freedom 
We feel trapped and need a helping hand 


When the angels cried 
I knew how they felt 
They had let themselves down 
And didn't know the cards that have been dealt 
And all they can do now is ware a frown 


People feel so defenseless 
Yes our lives have changed 
And the ones we lost 
We will always miss 
We will make things work at any cost 


Within your self remember 
No one can take our faith 
Because every September 
The world comes together we remain sane and safe 


The day the angels cried 
The enemy went to hide 
But the world became strong 
And soon enough we'll find 
Those who did wrong 


As we pray for those who died 
We will remember always 
The day the angels cried 
For that's the day we came as one to pray 


In our changing lives 
They will always be in our heart 
September eleventh was a day of a new start 
The day we all came together 
The day for everyone to care 
For the strangers we didn't know 
This day will be on our minds forever 
The enemy don't want to mess with us 
They don't dare 
Because no mercy towards them will we show 


Trisha M. Hopkins


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Cities In Ruins

Thousands dead in Iraq and Afghanistan when we knew the terrorist camps are in our allies's back yard, Saudi Arabia. Oil interest equal our friends who "keep the area stable". I love it when my government lies to me. I feel safe.


The Towers of Babel


If you fly a jet or two

into a building that is too tall

and has not real support

maybe it was just a matter

of time before the wind

eroded the below standard

central core and collapse

was just in the cards.


Calls for patriotism because

citizens died is like forgetting

that they die every day

here by accident or murder.


Whichapi Sioux For Star