Fragrance of the Words

And I heard the words approaching,
So close, so fragrant beneath her pressed lips
I waited, I listened...
Encouraging the woman I thought I loved,
Please, baby pleading with all remaining hope...
It wasn't meant to hurt, it was foolish,..
Perfumed blissful ignorance in my waiting acceptance,
whisper the words love, no other may need hear them,
for they are for my hurt, my scarring heart...
In her beautiful green eyes,.. She wants to,
But there is only the longest pause...
then a tear, shed to roll easily away
and I am no longer the reason for the words
something did happen, robbing the song they produce
in my heart, that in a breath, weakens...
Oh no, no, no, no don't give silence reign over our union.
Silence is nothing to my eardrums, as it is...
Too loud, and wretchedly painful to my heart.
So close, the words, the way to the way it was,
before,... one last kiss will never come...
As she turns and lives forever part,
all that is left, is the fragrance of a whisper
to remember, and words that never were never heard.
I'm sorry, I do love you, I will always, forever...
Words that never come.

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At the risk of sounding silly,...

I still nearly cry when I reread these lines... The emotions are in them for certain... Perhaps I did better than I originally thought I had. But still, they pale in comparison to the feelings that I struggle with to this day. But to write about them, is,... therapeutic. Thank you again for such a nice post.


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Wow! Not exactly? This was

Wow! Not exactly? This was really emotional land heart tugging, no soul tugging... I can only imagine how if you had written what you felt... Cause this piece stands at Bravo! For me! My scarring heart... In her beautiful heart... And those last few lines... Whoah, tears.

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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Not exactly what I want to express...

but close, my real emotions cloud this issue too greatly I am afraid. But it is the second oldest tale heard, and I'm sure you out there understand the problems faced, when putting such emotions unto the page. Either way, if you have suggestions?... Or, if I struck a chord, I'd love to hear about it.