i was never special

i was never special
better never 
never more 
But I wanted to be 
and tried 
But the world is cold 
And calloused over
Its always why I lied 
You can't come in 
where you gonna go 
Everything's been denied. 
My mixed mistakes 
Fault me now 
I Saw myself and cried 
End on high
Now that's a plan
Death until I died
No such luck 
Cross me now
On the other side 

schmuckjones's picture

The lonesome feeling...

I know it all too well.  You are special though, eveyone is.  You just gotta find your talents, looks like writing is one them!  Welcome to PostPoems!

Whatcanisay's picture

well that certainly is nice

well that certainly is nice of you,...I don't think of myself as ...well..anything really.  no wait....Ive been the cause quite a few times,..regretably.  


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Hey March 17th 2015

We have been waiting for you at Postpoems. Writing like this means U R tru-lee 1 of us! Now, you R special. Welcome and encore.  ~Allets~