City Life

City life is all that I know
Lights for miles let off a glow
Plenty of people spreading good cheer
As together we count down the New Year

Some prefer to be secluded and live far away
Some in the mountains and some by the bay
Flat landers they call us with a simplistic smile
Yet to get to a store they drive many a mile

All that I need is here in this beautiful city
For those missing out I feel such a pity
Today I will catch a movie while they sit on the porch
I will enjoy air conditioning while they sit and scorch

I'll have my morning cup of coffee in the diner, and a friendly chat
While them hillbillies sit and weave a straw hat
At least they can sit and count squirrels in their spare time
I will shop in the city and watch a mime

Beautiful city women are all around
No! You can't see them from your mound
A Flat lander I may very well be, and a city boy no doubt
Just remember, if you are lonely in the hills, there is always Bigfoot for you to take out!

By: Wayne Hoss

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