I am scared of everything


You him this that tomorow death 

Ask me what I am not afraid off

I cant think of one thing I am not afraid off

Consequences they are everywhere 

Warning watch your step

Just don't take a step

Just hide do the least play it safe

God my only freedom is to kneel down and pray to you

Its free just kneel and cry to him

Kneel and cry out to my dad who passed away are you watching

By most account my life isn't bad but 

I live in fear of the unknown of tomorrow

Enjoy this bed enjoy this comfort 

Self preservation selfish 

God I need you I couldn't make it without you

Who would I cry too 

Let me use my tears my only currency in this world.

Yours truly

The complainer.



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The eighth line of your poem

The eighth line of your poem contains a brilliant---indeed, a triumphantly timeless---wisdom of which more of us need to be told, or be reminded.  It is the release from the apparent, but illusionary, trap of circumstances that so often surround us and lead us to moments of intense despair.  The Psalmist said he would not fear what human beings---and the circumstances they create---could do to him; and this line of your poem reminds us how to reach that vantage point.  Thank you for posting it.


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Last line! ~S~