Giving Up?

I know I'm going to have to give up one of these days,
But I just really don't want it to be today.
...Should it be today?
The voices in my mind continue to say
Back down, step off, there’s just no way.

And you know what,
I admit it…
I can’t do this anymore.
…I can’t bring myself to give up again!

You should know I gave up fighting long ago,
At the time I had no purpose, I thought it was right,
But it was you that sparked the flame in me,
You made this blind man see,
I now have a reason to fight

So in my mind, I try to align,
The odds that I have, if I have any kind.
And no matter what I find,
I’ll never give up, I’ll never resign.
I’ll come back from behind,
with an elaborate design,
To make my way to your mind,
I won’t stop even if God were to give me a sign.

Because I keep hope.
It doesn’t matter what I read off a horoscope.
I know I want to be next to you.
…I just wish you knew what I knew.

That my hope lies in your hands,
And I swear it’s strong enough for any of your demands.

Just please don’t tell me my hope’s not enough.
…It’s all I have in a world this tough

-The Lazarus

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