My One True Self

Loneliness, my one true Friend

Visits me each night, until the bitter end

Teaches me how to silence the noise and hide away

So I can find my purpose and not go astray


Doubt, my one true Foe

Silently whispers and persuades me to forget all that I know

Finds faults in all things that I want to attain

Feeds off my sorrow, until there is no joy to drain


Failure, my one true Fear

Consumes my thoughts until I adhere

Crushes my passions through dread and fright

Fills me with regret, until I lose sight


Serenity, my one true Love

Guides me through the darkness, so I can rise above

Cradles me to sleep, so I can escape in my slumber

And dream of peace, love, beauty and wonder


Purpose, my one true King

Keeps me questioning and searching for what meaning life brings

Commands me to uncover the hidden secrets to being truly free

Leads me to the long and hard path towards finding the true me