Childs Horror


Tampered and torn

Used and misinformed

Memories transformed

This truth never born

Battered lost

Forgotten and tossed

Heart full of frost

Trying to defrost

Waiting debating

Life worth taking

Changes are making

These hands shaking

Slithering by

Time doesn’t fly

The known defies

 My luminosity dies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feelings too familiar. I lock myself away, cause I can barely deal with my own insanity.

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My Own Insanity

I met him on the corner under the streetlight

yesterday and said, "Hey, Insanity. Where U been?"

Insanity just stared at me completely and dumbly

as if he was not aware that he lived in my mirror

or that I had forgotten his address.


My own particular brand of Insanity came home

with me and we made love all night, wrecking

the furniture, writing poems together. Never missing

an opportunity to be instructive. Always on the make

for a good line or two or three.


Just Bein' Allets



addictive I say, addictiive!