Eternal Decisions.

Here all the birds fly.

They all raise theirs voices and cry

to everyone, to everything they see,

and praise the wonder of him and me

They dance in swirls and dive and glide

And on those wings him and I ride

with our hearts and our minds

Both, together, to form one kind.

Falling, drifting down to the ground,

All around the birds lament in eerie sounds.

On our feet we meet the land,

We walk hand in hand

Eyes meet in silent agreement

And both know what the other meant.

We understand and awknowledge

That on the territory of insanity we stand at the edge.

First choice is for us to part,

With the memories, each sends a dart to the other's heart.

Second choice is together to enter doom

To forget forever and to fade away very soon.

Still two hands are together and Intertwined.

Forward we go, in step, elapses the time.

Decisions are made,

And for them the prices are paid.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspiration from books and from this world caused my muse to pressure me into writing this poem. =).

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Very nicely written