"Saigon Road"

Echoes of the dead,
Bouncing in between my head,
For whom does this belong?
Seperates me from the strong,

Burning me deeply slow,
Liquid cradling my soul,
Someone cant you hear my cries?
All that I was has died,

Blending with the unseen,
Appearing only in my dreams,
In the shadows they hide,
Doubting things in my mind,

Death now comforts me,
Consuming all that I see,
Silence shattered by the bombs,
Only thoughts held in my arms,

Drifting minds will met their end,
Camouflage my only friend,
The jungle tempting me with lies,
Calmly embracing me as I die.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tribute to William Mielke, 1945-1975. Slowly melted away from "agent orange", sprayed on his platoon 15 miles outside of Saigon, Vietnam. R.I.P.

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