" Whispered Breezes "

As the echoe of her cries faded,
Gently, shades of dark consumed me,
She held my lifeless body,
A long loving marriage most dont see,

A soft slow dance with the wind as I rose,
My wife never leaving my sight,
I tried my best to somehow let her know,
I will still be with her each and every night,

She shed many tears between memory smiles,
As my shell they sunk into mother earth,
After that most of the times she sat quietly,
Gazing out her window at songbirds,

Time moved forward and her wounds healed,
She would grin when she walked by my photo,
Everytime I whispered her wind,
Her eyes would look up and she'd say "I know.."

Now she smiles sometimes daily,
As I walk with her through the park,
I am her wind, he whispering wind,
Who will guide her on through the dark,

The next time you feel that soft little breath,
On your neck or moving your hair,
Think of a loved one who is right here with me,
Then Ill promise you they will be there.....

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