(T. Beechey)

A long time ago,no longer than a year

Just the ebb and flow was all I had to hear

No intermittent rumbles passing here and there

I was satisfied and humbled to be anywhere

A long time ago,just a month or three

Faint ember glows were all I had to see

And what remained unclear was no consequence

Only what appeared made the perfect sense

It wasn't necessary to define or explain

And nobody grew wary,nor did they complain

The times were much better then instead of now

Tomorrow,we may get to return again somehow

A long time ago,or possibly last week

All I had to show only took a peek

And all that stayed unseen didn't take a second look

Just a glimpse in between was really all it took

A long time ago,or perhaps just yesterday

All I had to know I knew anyway

And that which was unknown didn't need understood

So I left it all alone and everything was good

Rationalizations weren't required,descriptions mattered less

We didn't find ourselves mired in games of hope and guess

The times,they seemed just right back in the days behind

Nothing now seems tight --- so tomorrow,let's rewind

A long time ago...or was it just a dream?

All around was so --- well,you know how it seemed

But then,perhaps,you don't and it's only me

In which case you won't know all that used to be

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Misha B's picture


What a powerful piece! Your lament and longing so beautifully lead to your wise conclusion.

Really enjoyed the journey. Thanks.